EasyBoyfriend of the week: The Rainy Day Boyfriend

Today we consider the “rainy day” boyfriend that is there through thicc and thin, twink and Papi, tipsy and sober. And they are especially a lot of fun on a rainy day when all you want to do is stay inside.

For our four boyfriends today, we feature the blond, very happy and outdoorsy-type Preppie twink from Rhode Island who is smiling and sitting on the hood of (his Dad’s, we suppose) Mercedes. Looks like fun to me, just stay away from sitting on that star! It might leave a bruise!

Next is our Euro-looking brunet boyfriend in the white tank top, showing just the tiniest bit of hairy leg down in the corner. We assume that he is calling you to see how your morning is going, and whether you’d like to run over and help him with some “wood.” (ahem)

Third is the one who will literally stand out in the bad weather, probably looking down the street and waiting on you to show up. Or he could be sadly standing in the rain and watching you drive away, but how could you ever leave such a cute looking boyfriend?

And last but certainly not least, our gay surfer boyfriend standing out in a driving rain, carrying his board, but he doesn’t care: look at that great smile on his face! And I’m sure that right there under the shelter of that roof, he’s left a generous supply of Sex Wax, to um … polish his board.

Have fun with any or all of our sexy and cute Gay Boyfriends this week… Aughra loves them all!

Preppie gay boyfriend from Rhode Island sitting on the hood of a Mercedes Benz W123, next to his kayaks.
slim gay twink in white tank top showing a bit of his hairy leg
gay twink in a red hoodie sweatshirt, standing in the rain waiting

Gay surfer standing in the driving rain with his surf board, smiling. Wearing board trunks, shirtless