dabbling in kissing – the future ex-gay boyfriend kiss of the week

Believe it or not,

This is the most popular category in the older versions of Easyboyfriend. For some reason, you guys like to see two boyfriends kissing. Maybe it’s a break from all the fucking going on, and the cruising and dumping (well… the dumping part is what we are ultimately about, eh?)

My four candidates for this week feature some old faves that I’ve had around on the hard drive for yearrrrrrs, like, before Calvin Coolidge. Like, before Aughra was a boy-chasing old bag! (ahem)

But enough of that, here we go. And as always, you get to pick your favorite in our little game at the end:

gay boyfriends kissing and fucking at easyboyfriend■ First up is a pair of cuties who are up to some kind of good (well… it looks like a bit of fucking, but who knows?) in the bed, and our top is doing the kissing equivalent of the reach-around (a kiss around?) with his very good looking bottom.


gay twink and his emo boyfriend kissing handcuffed at easyboyfriend


■ Second on our list for this week is two boyfriends having a bit of fun in the cellar play room with our tall emo boyfriend handcuffed to the fittings on the wall, which his shorter twink boyfriend with the tat on his belly moves in for the kiss. Even before the kissing, the part I like best is on our tall boyfriend, we get to see a touch of treasure trail leading down to… maybe only his key-holder knows for sure!

blond and brunette gay boy twinks kissing on easyboyfriend

I kissed a boy and I … ?

■ Our third contestant couple this week are the two you saw in our main image: the kissing in bed. I see that our brunet boy with the gold chain necklace (how 70s!) is a little damp. Maybe his boyfriend is working up a sweat on him in ways that we just missed, before this picture was taken! Meanwhile our blond boy looks as if he’s not too used to kissing another guy. I’m not sure what that lip technique is he’s using. Let’s hope that the rest of their encounter was hot as Hell. I’m not at all sure who is Barbie and who is Ken in this picture!


■ And finally our fourth entry this week gives rise to our title today, “dabbling” in some boy kissing, and this one is definitely an old, all-time favorite of mine. It looks like somebody was trying to do a little bit of painting, maybe this was their first apartment together. Awwwww! and ended up getting his smooth chest and perky nipples schmeared with apartment-white paint. Meanwhile his boyfriend in the tighty-whiteys and that hot white undershirt is there to thank him for his efforts with a the nicest kiss this week, according to Aughra’s account. But we want your opinion, too.

Below is a survey for you on which of these kisses you like best and we will use that info for … um … Research! yes that’s it. We will find similar kissing pics for future Boyfriend Kissing pages. And as always, we don’t collect any kind of personal information at all. No clickbait (I hate that shit!) No making you give your email. The only thing is that the poll only lets you vote ONE time, so be sure … as they say in the movies … you choose well.


Have fun, because that’s what we are here for.