new category: ginger boyfriend of the week

We are starting a new category in our collection of future ex-boyfriends, the Ginger Gay Boyfriend of the Week. Of course red headed guys come in all shapes and sizes, so don’t expect to see a certain “type” here beyond the usual that you’d expect from that hottie with the fire crotch.

Freckles are optional.

For your delight this week we feature four choices for you. First up in a selfie-shooting boyfriend in the bathroom, showing off his scruff, beard, and a nice bloom of pit hair. Shirt off but pants on. I’d like to go camping with him!

Second is another example of scruff and a nice bed hair cut, and nicely laid out on the bed, naked and ass-up. I just wish there was more ass to see and … well … nevermind.

Third is our manly-man red, and he’s also in a nice ass-ready position over his buddy pillow, all naked and ready for play. Nice thick thighs and looks like a touch of hair around the shoulders – or is that a patch of freckles. Whichever – this MANfriend is hot!

And our final boyfriend candidate is showing us what we like best – plenty of uncut peen, while wearing nothing but a cap. I feel the sudden urge to get down on my knees and … you know what I’d do!

Gay redheaded boyfriend taking a selfie. He's wearing shorts and boxers and no shirt. Nice beard.
Naked red headed bay boy on the bed, ass-up, scruffy beard.
gay red headed DILF ass up on the bed ready to play, plenty of freckles
Naked redneck gay redheaded boy smooth chest and uncut cock, bright red pubes.