cowboy boyfriend of the week

“Save a horse,” etc. etc.

This week, we are introducing the new category, the Cowboy Boyfriend of the Week with four new candidates for you.

Cute cowboy twink - shirtless

First up in the rodeo ring is the one we will label as “cute,” wearing the white hat and pucca shells, and that look like he’s going to wrap his legs around a horse and hold on real good!

In his neighborhood, the bigger the buckle you wear, the hotter you are, and this boy looks like he’s been around enough to get his buckle that’s bigger than a cat’s head!

I can just imagine what’s going on behind it. Can’t you?

Cowboy gay boyfriend in straw hat. Smooth chest and hairy forearms.

Next up is this hat-wearing stud with the Mona Lisa smile that makes me wonder what he’s been up to, or what he’s about to get up to, now that he has his shirt off.

Those jeans are down just enough to show off that vee that points down toward the important stuff, and oh! those hairy forearms drive me wild.

I wonder what the translation is of that character he has tattooed on his chest. I think it means something like, “get over here and worship me: maybe I’ll give you a peek of what’s behind this-here zipper. If you’re lucky.

This cowboy just makes me shivver all under with that rugged handsome look and “innocent” expression that is about as innocent as a whore in church! Don’t you wonder about what he’s got curled up under his hat, and wonder what it’s going to take for you got get a little peek.

gay cowboy boyfriend of the week in a plaid shirt unbuttoned and showing off his smooth nude body


I want to peel that shirt off and get a look at his big, smooth body, and just adore him from there!

Our last cowboy looks like he had to stop in the middle of his workout drink mix to take a quick selfie showing us his huge thick chest, including that black arm and shoulder ink that is a perfect match up for him.

This time, he’s got those jeans open and is showing us his thick “grower” that I want to get my hands on, to see just how long and thick that monster can be.

And I can just imagine the thick and muscular ass on the other end, just waiting for me to adore!