save the world from your sofa: easy boyfriend of the week

Hey… it’s only been one week!

And this social isolation could go on for a while. So Aughra is going to have to step it up with an assortment of boyfriends for you. In a perfect world it would be “daily,” but sometimes, Aughra gets a little behind in her … searches. (ahem) Just remember that every single one of our virtual boyfriends shown here is virtually germ-free! You trust Aughra, don’t you…


Today, we are offering you five choices to choose for a future boyfriend, and the word of the day is – variety.  Let’s go to the pictures and the poll and see what you think.

  1. First up is our cover model, a go-go dancer boyfriend who looks to have received a few tips and we hope he’s not to tipsy to continue the grind after he gets home. That’s a very nice tan he’s got going, and I hope there’s more in that pouch that he’s grabbing onto than a couple of singles and a five!
  2. After him we have the boyfriend you wouldn’t mind taking home to meet the rents, a very good looking dad-bod boyfriend who has just enough scruff to tickle your cheeks (either end) but not so much that he looks as if he just came down from his moonshine still in the mountains. (That’s a whole different category of guy, the Redneck Boyfriend, who we will cover later! Stay tuned.)
  3. Our next suggestion is really how you want to stay inside on your sofa and save the world, and this boyfriend looks all but ready to help! He’s spread out for you with that infamous “come hither, and leave my presents on the coffee table” look, showing off that pretty little pack, a nice patch of belly hair just sprouting in around his “innie,” and how very easy it is to get those legs spread. You don’t even need to have a Netflix subscription to chill with this boyfriend. (But if you pick him, please! do something what that unfortunate hair.)
  4. Next on our list is a very wide-chested boyfriend with lovely hairy legs, who looks as if he would rather be anywhere other than locked up in a house alone. I think you could help him out very well. And please, if you pick him, be sure and report back to us what secret treasures lie behind the white stripe. Only Aughra knows, and she’s not telling. But she’s smiling more than we have seen since 1937!
  5. And finally on today’s menu is one of the cutest boyfriends ever! I’m not sure he’s on his way back from the gym because he’s smiling too much and he’s not yet dripping sweat. Maybe he’s on the way. I love the ink, I love the intense blue eyes, and that smile just melts my cold icy heart to look at him. The shaved pecs are pretty nice too. I don’t see a thing to complain about, even if he is driving a pickup. Yee Haw!!

And now is the time to make your choice for today’s Boyfriend of the Week. Don’t worry it’s just for fun and your vote is totally anonymous. I just get to see numbers.

I think you might have already figured out who I would vote for, if lowly admins were allowed to cast a vote.

Have fun…. See you soon with another batch of boyfriends to make your isolation more fun.